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Unveil Beauty: Your Journey with The Beauty Box

At the Beauty Box, we’re highly focused on educating our salon family in the art of hairstyling and coloring. We are an Arrojo affiliate salon, and as such we partner with Nick and his team for all our education needs. Whether it’s a one on one session at Nick’s studio or a group class here in our salon there is always education available. For those who choose to embrace their passion for education the possibilities are endless. We also offer personal development and personal finance education as we believe everyone should fully understand their potential.

So, welcome to our family, where we’re not just about here, we’re about your growth, your well-being and your success. We can’t wait to see where this journey takes us together. . 

Meet the Team
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Before you take your next step on this exciting journey, we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions. Our aim is to ensure that you approach your interview with confidence fully prepared for the adventures ahead. 

What are your hours?

Our Salon is open 7 days a week offering a wide variety of shifts. We believe that a long term relationship only works if the schedule works for you.

What are my shift options?

We are a lifestyle company, which means we have options so you can build at your own pace and have the life that you want. Our standard work week is 30 hours per week with a 4 day work week or our fast track program for stylists who want to build that hundred K lifestyle quicker is 36 hours a week with a three or four day work week. We have growth trackers and benchmarks that get you to Saturdays Off if you choose and paid vacation time. Coaching will help you earn and build the life you want at the same time.

Is it hard to take time off?

No. We are always willing to help work with you to make holiday planning easy. Being a lifestyle company it’s important that we support you to set boundaries and teach you work life balance. We follow all labor standards for time off. However, if you need more, we are always willing to work with you to see what is possible.

What makes The Beauty Box different from other salons?

Gaynor’s role in the salon is focused on business growth. She does not work behind the chair and prefers to spend her time and energy growing the individuals within the salon.  We foster a community of competition and success. There are many great salons in Westchester, but we stand out for our training and education program, our professional yet  relaxed culture and our endless personal development and business training. We are members of the high-performance salon Academy and are constantly striving to better our industry with hundreds of other salons.  We want to be the best and biggest version of ourselves. Personal development coach brings a strong holistic approach to the training and mentorship provided within the Salon for those who choose to participate.

What are my education opportunities?

We have you covered. For our seasoned stylists we have out of salon opportunities scheduled monthly and insalon events 4 times a year from outside sources.

Each stylist has the opportunity to participate in a 2/3 day educational event of their choice each year and a trip to the Arrojo Academy to try a new cut with Nick and his team is always an option.

All of our up and coming stylists get to participate in the Arrojo 12 week cutting program and are exposed to weekly in salon education and mentoring as the beginning their careers.

Are there other growth opportunities?

In our Salon we provide a range of exciting opportunities for growth and advancement within our organization. There are various leadership positions including roles that allow individuals to take on greater responsibilities and contribute to the strategic direction of our Salon. Additionally, we offer Salon education roles , where talented stylists can share their expertise and help train and develop others in the industry for those looking to have a great stake in our success. We are committed to nurturing talent, fostering leadership skills, and providing avenues of personal and professional growth within our Salon.

What is your compensation?

We are a Salon that believes in building a rewarding career path, we’re all about clarity and sustainability. Yes, we are the commission based salon but we go deeper than just telling you how high of a commission we pay out. You may be wondering what is the difference? A career path is driven and shows you exactly what earning potential is possible at each price level.  Where a salon that just tells you how much commission they pay, doesn’t show you what you will actually take home each payday. Think about it, we can offer you 50% commission but if you are not coached and taught how to build a sustainable business 50% of nothing is always nothing. With smart pricing structures based on time and clear defined goals you know exactly what you need to do to get where you want to go and how much you’ll be making when you get there!

It’s about so much more than a commission number. It’s about how much money you actually take home!  We’re here to ensure your success and financial growth, not just dangling a high commission your way to entice you. We offer monthly business coaching, making sure your career journey is a well lit path rather than a guessing game. At your interview we will go through our career path with you to show you how much earning potential is truly possible and how long it will take you to get there.

What are we looking for?

We have a critical 10 which defines the 10 essentials or critical aspects or skills that are considered vital for success in our Salon:

  • Inclusivity embraces diversity, treating everyone with respect and creating an inclusive, welcoming and relaxed environment for clients and colleagues alike.
  • Safe space fosters a safe and comfortable space where clients feel secure and valued, free from any form of harassment or discrimination.
  • No bullying – We uphold a zero-tolerance policy for bullying, and ensure a supportive and nurturing environment for all team members and clients.
  • Growth mindset – Embrace the mindset of continuous learning, and personal development, seeking opportunities to grow both professionally and personally.
  • Accountability. Take ownership of your actions, responsibilities, and professional growth, holding yourself accountable for delivering exceptional results.
  • Drama-free zone, maintaining a drama-free and positive working environment, promoting collaboration, teamwork, and professionalism.
  • Client satisfaction, prioritizing client satisfaction, going above and beyond to exceed their expectations and create a memorable experience.
  • Integrity. Act with honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct in all interactions, ensuring trust and maintaining the highest standard of professional
  • Collaboration with others to foster the spirit of teamwork and cooperation, actively seeking opportunities to collaborate with and support our salon family.
  • Mission-driven believes wholeheartedly in the company mission.

How do I know if I’m a right fit for your salon?

There is a saying that if you want to go fast, you go alone, but if you want to go far you go with a team. If you believe you are better suited for being part of a Salon family and a strong team environment you’re exactly who we are looking for. If you understand that in order for you to be successful you need to lift others then  ‘“you are our people” If you believe you are capable of so much more if only you had the right structure and guidance, you are for us. If you believe the secret to success is never ending growth, and you are willing to do whatever it takes to succeed as long as it’s legal, ethical and moral you belong here. We’ve heard people say I’m not advanced enough in my skill set, put that out of your head, skills can be taught!

What are some reasons I wouldn’t be the right fit?

We are a career salon not a hobby salon, if you want an environment where you simply show up, we are probably not for you. We offer monthly business strategies sessions where we help you figure out what type of career you want to have. Active participation, number tracking and being proactive is needed in our Salon family. We are not looking for perfection, we are looking for a growth mindset.  

We can’t wait to meet you !

Let’s skip to the good part,  we’re absolutely so excited to sit down with you and can’t wait to embark on this exciting journey together. Remember to show up, be yourself, show us who you really are. We are not looking for perfection. You are exactly good enough just as you are,  we are looking for people who want to grow together, get ready to build the career of your dreams, and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.  

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