We’ve missed you!

Here is what has been done specifically to get the salon ready for your return:

  • Glass dividers have been installed (glass has been reported as being more effective in the stop of Covid than plexiglas as droplets live longer on plexiglas)
  • Installed signage to remind people to adhere to proper hygiene, social distancing and appropriate use of PPE
  • Hand sanitizer at the entrance and at each styling station
  • Temperatures are being taken prior to the start of each shift
  • All staff will wear masks and additionally providers will wear face shields
  • All staff will wear fresh aprons for each client and wash hands before and after each interaction
  • Each station will be fully sanitized between clients
  • The team has been certified on Covid-19 Barbicide disinfectant

To ensure no client is surprised or caught off guard by the changes, here is a list of things to expect:

  • Clients will need to remain outside until their service provider is ready for them
  • Clients will need to wear a face mask that loops behind the ears
  • Upon entering the salon temperatures will be taken with a contact less scanner and if anyone has a fever they will be asked to reschedule
  • Clients will need to wash their hands. If a client is wearing gloves we will ask them to dispose of them, wash their hands and provide them with a fresh pair if needed
  • At this time we will be limiting clients ability to wonder around the salon/ restricting movement and not allowing guests that are not having service
  • No beverages or magazines will be available or offered
  • Children can and should be accompanied by an adult
  • Blow dry styling will not be permitted at this point, however clients can receive air-dried styling or treatment hair mask in a bun or braided in its stead

Welcome to The Beauty Box

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The Beauty Box in Rye, NY, is a full-service luxury brand hair salon that offers clients a professional welcoming environment. Our talented staff members constantly strive to be on the leading edge with changes in styles, trends, colors and cuts. Our responsibility to our clients is to provide them with exceptional quality services at all times.

Mission Statement

Your experience is our utmost priority, and we strive to go above and beyond your expectations during every visit. We guarantee every service will exceed your expectations.

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